2346 West 14th St. | Cleveland, Ohio 44113

(216) 481-4823

Trauma Responsive Care Services Volunteer Give

Board of Directors

Bishop Nelson J. Perez, Ex Officio, Diocese of Cleveland

Mr. Patrick Gareau, Ex Officio, President, Catholic Charities Corporation

Mr. Louis Antonelli, Board Vice Chairperson, Oswald Companies

Mr. John Fleischer, H. W. & Co. Inc.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Crowley Huesken, Board Secretary, Community Volunteer

Mr. Victor Iacovone, NOVASPHERE

Mr. Daniel Kierce, Board Chairperson, RBC Capital Markets - Tax Credit Equity Group

Mr. John Klopp, Klopp Investment Management LLC

Ms. Renee Lesko, Board Treasurer, Community Volunteer

Mr. Robert McAuley, Retired, The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ms. Theresa Polefko, St. Augustine Manor

Ms. Andrea Sutterer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mrs. Gina Kerman, Ex Officio, Executive Director, Rose-Mary

Executive Staff 

Gina Kerman, Executive Director
Christine Picard, Director of Finance

Shelly Orlowski, Director of Human Resources
Scott Grimm, Director of Residential Services
Jessica Thorne, Director of Quality Assurance
Bridget Bernhard, Director of Healthcare Services
Kristen Todaro, Director of Day Services