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Community Living

Community Group Homes

Our community group homes throughout Cuyahoga County offer adults an opportunity to live in a home-like setting. A licensed and professional staff, including nurses, 24/7 direct care staff assistance and daily activities and field trips to promote personal growth are provided for residents. This model of care has expanded to include our children and young adults through our "Homes for Our Future: Community Integration Project."

The Community Integration Project

Rose-Mary has been a caring home for children and young adults with disabilities since 1922. What once was a state of the art building for our services is now outdated and no longer the model that we want our sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters to live in.

Our philosophy of how and where to provide Intermediate Care Facility Services has changed and so has the philosophy of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.We all believe every individual should have:

  • A room of their own, especially as they grow into teens and young adulthood
  • Areas to store their belongings, not having to share all the toys with everyone
  • Personalized decor in their bedrooms 
  • A bathroom and kitchen not shared by 9 to 19 other housemates
  • The ability to make themselves a sandwich or snack when they want one
  • A quiet place to go to get away from their housemates
  • A space to call their own 

But how do we get to this place? 

Rose-Mary is leaving the building we’ve thrived in for 94 years and has purchased, renovated and/or built seven new community homes. Community homes range from four-to six-person homes. This means thirty-six children and young adults with intellectual disabilities becoming more independent and integrated members of the community... your community.

This new model better reflects our core value of ‘dignity of person.’ By creating places in the community for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to live, work, and thrive, we are reinforcing that each person has value and meaning. As Pope Francis stated “no one should be invisible.”