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Mission Statement

Rose-Mary continues the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing individuals with disabilities and celebrating love, family, dignity and faith within the community.


We believe that one of the most prized gifts given to us by God is life itself. For each individual this begins from the first moment of conception and never ceases. Living that life to its fullest potential depends upon the interaction of all who share our environment. We look to one another within the environment in which we find ourselves to complement our strengths and deficits. The belief concerning life and its development in the environment applies as fully to persons with multiple handicaps as to any other member of society. Because of this conviction, the Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Cleveland through its Catholic Charities, has committed itself to serving this segment of the community. At Rose-Mary, children and adults are given the opportunity not only to receive what the Church has to offer, but they, in turn, contribute to the life of the community by their individual dignity as persons and by the positive human values they stimulate in others.


Rose-Mary Center

Delaney House
Change is always hard.  It often takes a blind leap of faith to accept the fact that we have to leave our comfort zones; adapt to a new way of doing things and accept that the new will bring about greater good.  There is no better example of this than our Blessed Mother. After hearing the word of God she acted on it and through her actions salvation came into the world. She is our model at Rose-Mary (RM).  

Our initial location was the summer home of Caesar Grasselli, an industrial leader in the post Civil War era.  His family lived in Shaker Heights Ohio and would spend their summers in Euclid, then a countryside escape from the big city. When his wife, Johanna, passed away, Caesar was so grief stricken that he could no longer stay there.  During her lifetime Johanna had a deep devotion to Mary and planted a rose garden as a sign of that devotion. It is from this that the name Rose-Mary is derived.  

In 1922, Caesar turned his beloved summer home over to Bishop Joseph Schrembs to be used as a rehabilitation center for children with physical disabilities.  The Bishop in turn requested the appropriately named Sisters of the Humility of Mary to leave their comfort zones and embark on the mission of care for disabled children in addition to their ministry in Catholic schools and hospitals.  And so they began with the opening mass on October 15, 1922.

As our population expanded, so too did the need for additional space.  After the acquisition of the Delaney home, Bishop Hoban broke ground in 1949 for a new building, designed to connect the two homes and accommodate the needs of 48 children, allowing RM to double its population. The expansion was made possible by the generosity of donors to Catholic Charities. By 1967, polio, the most prominent cause of disability in Rose-Mary’s children, had been eradicated in the United States  and so our mission changed to serve children with developmental disabilities.

In 1982, again through a monumental fund raising effort, we constructed two new buildings, better designed to meet the increasing needs of our children, which currently are our residential living wings.

In 1989, with the opening of our community homes, our mission expanded again to accommodate the adult population.  This was a new adventure as large institutions began giving way to smaller more family like living environments. While there was initial angst, this change eventually evolved into the provision of services to an additional 58 men and women. Today, we are home to 93 individuals both children and adults and provide adult day services.

With our Homes for Our Future: Community Integration Project, we opened seven state-of-the-art homes and moved our residents from  Rose-Mary in Euclid into more intimate settings of four to six bed homes located in neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County. Rose-Mary ceased its operations in Euclid in December 2016.  Rose-Mary has restructured its organization to better equip our staff and has become a leader in Ohio at the forefront of innovative care.

We pray that through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can follow the example of Mary, our Blessed Mother, and proceed to accept change and believe that our efforts will be rewarded as we create a new atmosphere of Love, Family, Dignity and Faith for our brothers and sisters who have been entrusted to us.