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Testimonial #1

"Brian has been at a group home for 16 years and is a true success story. He lost the sight in one eye because of his self-abuse. Because of the tremendous work of the staff, his disposition and manner are fabulous. He is calm and the self-abuse has stopped. Our family is most grateful to RMC because we are now able to enjoy the rest of the family, our grandchildren, and visits with Brian. Prior to placing Brian, we could not because he required our care 24/7. There are not enough words to express how kind the staff has been to our son." 

Testimonial #2

"Thirteen years ago, round the clock care for Catherine weighed heavily upon us. Rose-Mary eased our burden and provided Catherine with every opportunity to develop her potential with dignity and joy. We are eternally grateful for what Rose-Mary has done for Catherine and our family" 

Testimonial #3

"At Rose-Mary, Joshua gets the help he needs. . .he is able to attend school without anxiety. There is always a nurse there to check him. He has one-on-one help. In our hearts, we know that without Rose-Mary, Joshua would not be here. They have been able to give him the control and professional help that he so desperately needs. They do this with much love and compassion." 

Testimonial #4

My son was born to me on 6/3/1994, as a 9lb. 10oz bundle of joy. As time marched on it became evident that my Carlito was different and that he was not thriving. Eventually he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and severe mental retardation. I became a single parent and the sole caretaker for my son. In time I realized that I could not care for all his needs by myself. I prayed and searched for a home that could help me care for my son and would nurture and protect him. My prayers were answered by Rose-Mary; it is a blessing to all the children and their families. I truly believe that Rose-Mary exemplifies Jesus' words, "let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to children such as these." My son is happy and loving and I am at peace knowing he is loved. 

Testimonial #5

"Our son has been diagnosed with autism, bipolar disorder and hyperactivity. His problems became evident around the time he started walking, or rather running, because he never walked. By the time he was three it was clear that he had big developmental problems: there was no eye contact; he wasn't talking; he was obsessed with cars; and he never needed much sleep. With our family suffering and our son in danger, I finally agreed to him moving to Rose-Mary. I remember sitting on the couch with him a month or two after he moved in, not doing anything, just enjoying his company. . .it had been years since I enjoyed his company . . .at that moment I knew that our family would be alright. . .we had made the right decision for our son and the entire family. "

Testimonial #6

"The deeply loving and compassionate members of the Rose-Mary team have been able to care for my son so much better than I. They treat him with dignity and respect. He is safer at Rose-Mary than at home. The staff makes it easy for us to bring him home. They also allowed and encouraged me to feel that I was a good parent, a feeling I hadn't had in years. The kindness and support shown to me when I was faced with actually leaving my child at Rose-Mary meant more than words can say. I was so touched by the compassion I was shown that even now, eight years later, I get choked up."